Canegrass at Dawn


The Canegrass pattern is filled with subtle movement, depicting a gentle summer wind drifting through the sugarcane fields that fill the Louisiana countryside. Canegrass is available in three colorways—At Dawn, At Dusk, and At Night, with each colorway revealing the transformation of light and color as the sun sets and fades to midnight.  

Original Painted Pattern: The pink-colored leaves are outlined in light cream yellow. Accents representing light peeking through holes in the canopy are painted in various shades of brown, green and gray. The underpainting is crimson.

100% European Linen, Lightweight, Oyster 
Printed width: 54” 
Repeat: 54” x 54” 
Swatch Size: 7.25” x 7.5” 

Production Notes:
- This is a made-to-order product, all sales are final  
- Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery 
- Minimum Order: 3 yards 
- Rush delivery is available for an additional charge of $250
- For more information, email

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