Moon Eyes Gold


The mystic eyes turn their watchful gaze over a field of radiant light. Moon Eyes, Gold displays an explosion of color that comes as the Southern sun shines across the land, casting its fiery glow upon everything in its path.

Original Painted Pattern: The eyes are painted in black, crimson and purple with a cream-colored crescent represents the pupil. The eyes are laid out in a loose diagonal symmetry over a field of scumbled green earth and viridian over yellow ocher underpainting.

Product Details:
100% European Linen
Printed width: 54” 
Repeat: 54” x 54” 
Digitally Printed 
Swatch Size: 7.25” x 7.5” 

Production Notes:
- This is a made-to-order product, all sales are final  
- Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery 
- Minimum order is 2 yards
- Rush delivery is available for an additional charge of $250
- For more information, please email

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